VR Arcade Machines and Attractions for Sale

Designing and manufacturing high quality games and simulators that exceed our customer's expectations

VR Simulators, Arcades & Attractions for Sale

Designing and manufacturing high quality games, and simulators that exceed our customer's expectations.

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The Best and Newest Virtual Reality Simulators at the US Market

Those interested in VR arcade games, or games in general, will enjoy this technology. The graphics of virtual reality games go beyond anything a regular game can offer. Plus, the simulation is very realistic, allowing them to “play” the game rather than just controlling a character. The best part is that you don’t have to be a professional gamer to enjoy VR games.


Children’s Dinosaur helps young children discover the magic of VR for the first time
Best seller


The Dream Machine is ready to transport you to a new dimension of interactive experience.
Best seller


Taking motorbiking to a whole new level, enjoy the thrill of racing through exciting environments
Best seller


Virtual reality shooting games are one of the most entertaining ways to spend time in the virtual world.
Best seller

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Invest In Virtual Reality Business. Invest In Future!​

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VR Station

No matter where you live, malls, hotels and boardwalks are always some of the number one places to shop, be entertained, and to hang out with family and friends. That makes your local shopping malls, hotels and boardwalks are one of the best places to establish your virtual reality business.


With an entire establishment at your disposal to provide fun new virtual experiences, VR arcades are trending like never before. Immersion is what makes virtual reality different from any other type of gaming experience, and it is what will draw hardcore and casual gamers alike to your new virtual reality arcade.

VR Park

Providing an amazing experience and assortment of experiences to choose from, VR Parks is an attractive and profitable business. As a large indoor virtual reality amusement hub, a VR Park can combine VR and AR to appeal to guests of all ages and immerse them in a variety of experiences.

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Never lose business again with access to our fully remote team of technical support through WhatsApp and Telegram groups. Let us handle any problems you may face.


Your satisfaction is our guarantee. Get a full warranty for 1 year as well as spare parts and repair services at a discounted price in the U.S. and Canada.


From extreme adventures in the sky to deep underwater, gain access to the highest quality and copyrighted games of all kinds and for all ages with each VR simulator.


Customize color, logos, and lighting to help your new simulator fit in seamlessly to your business. Special or personal design orders available on request.


When you partner with 360action! you will gain special access and support in learning how to establish a successful new businesses in the VR field.


Save time, money and headaches from international orders when you buy from 360action! With distribution centers in North America, you won’t have to wait long or spend extra money to get your VR simulators.

About 360 Action!

The award-winning Virtual Reality manufacturer!

On a quest to bring back the golden age of arcade, VR 360 Action! Was founded as a way to merge traditional games with the immersive and cutting-edge technology of VR. Combining state-of-the-art hardware, the finest software, and elite designs, our virtual reality simulators provide an unparalleled experience.

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