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Anyone interested in Virtual Reality (or gaming in general) will be captivated by our award-winning technology. Virtual Reality graphics are fully-immersive, eclipsing any traditional gaming experience, and hyper-realistic simulations allow the user to feel completely in control of their own world. Say goodbye to controlling a first-person player on a small screen; now, you are the player. And the best part? VR games are for everyone– no gaming experience or prior skill level required.

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On a quest to bring back the golden age of arcade, VR 360 Action! Was founded as a way to merge traditional games with the immersive and cutting-edge technology of VR. Combining state-of-the-art hardware, the finest software, and elite designs, our virtual reality simulators provide an unparalleled experience.

We are the largest VR Entertainment equipment provider in the United States.

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Introducing our sub company, providing equipment operated by the customer – no need to rent a store, hire a team, or even a register.
Place the machine, plug it in, and done.

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