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VR Station

No matter where you live, malls, hotels and boardwalks are some of the most prime locations to shop, be entertained and to hang out with family and friends. Because these locations are designated for leisure and can boast high foot traffic, they’re the best places to establish your new virtual reality business.

In mall spaces across the world, entertainment stations (particularly virtual reality) are on the rise, while apparel retail is becoming a thing of the past. Be among the first to establish a VR business in a prime location, and give customers an experience to remember.

3-6 Machines

Average of 600 customers a week

$10 per game

Expenditure per month of about $7000

30-60.000 investment

Revenue of about 20,000 to 25,000 a month

Monthly profit of about 13,000 to 18,000

Return on investment in less than half a year

When establishing your new virtual reality business in a mall, hotel or on a boardwalk, you’ll be drawing in dozens of customers by the hour– without any of the associated marketing costs! Our machines are eye-catching and enticing on their own. That means that your new business will soon pay for itself, generating revenue and providing an experience that customers will return to. Not to mention, VR offers a unique, fully-immersive experience that most people can’t get at home. Whether they’re taking a couple hours away from their shopping to have some fun, or coming to the mall specifically to seek out your business, virtual reality is an alluring model that many will pay to experience.


With an entire establishment at your disposal to provide thrilling new virtual experiences, VR arcades are trending like never before.

The revenue-generating capabilities of a VR arcade are endless; rent out the entire space for company events, team-building activities, or birthday parties. Costs per game are higher than other gaming experiences, and rightfully so! A VR arcade will quickly begin to pay for itself.

7-10 Machines

Average of 300 customers a week

100,000-160,000 investment

Income of about 48,000 a month

$40 per hour

Expenditure per month of about 14,000

Monthly profit of about 34,000

Return on investment in less than half a year

An arcade lets users experience dozens of different types of gameplay and immersive experiences without having to buy their own VR equipment, all while providing a space where friends can gather to eat, drink, socialize, and have fun. ‘Immersion’ is what makes virtual reality different from any other type of gaming experience; it allows users to feel connected to their gaming experience like never before. Gamers are always seeking lifelike user experiences, and immersive gaming will draw in dedicated or casual players, day in and day out.

VR Park

Providing a dazzling space with a vast assortment of experiences to choose from, VR Parks are the epitome of ‘futuristic’. As a large indoor virtual reality amusement hub, a VR Park can offer dozens of VR and AR games to appeal to guests of all ages, immersing them in endless experiences!

Guests will be lining up to spend hours trying out all the games, rides and thrills. Users will be dazzled by being immersed in fantasy adventures, speedway races, flying through time and space and more– our games have something to offer everyone, regardless of age or skill.

15-20 Machines

Average of 600 customers a week

200,000-300,000 investment

Revenue of about 96,000 a month

$40 per hour

Expenditure per month of about 25,000

Monthly profit of about 71,000

Return on investment in less than half a year

Book out the entire park for private events: birthdays, corporate events and tournaments are just a few. Revenue-generating options are nearly endless with a sleek, one-stop-shop for the most futuristic, technologically advanced entertainment available. Become part of the fast-growing VR entertainment industry with a VR Park and provide a unique atmosphere with exclusive design and game concepts for people of all ages and backgrounds.


If you already own an existing business but want to bring in the revenue and excitement that only virtual reality simulators can offer, we can customize a model to fit your business needs. 

Whether inside a hotel lobby, pizza place, or restaurant, virtual reality can provide a facelift to an already existing business, bolstering customer retention and generating buzz. Your business will be the talk of the town as curious passersby are quickly turned into repeat customers. 

Instead of waiting in food lines or lounging by the pool, guests will be drawn in by the allure of virtual reality. Adding a VR station to your pre-existing business will provide a fun, interactive experience your guests will always remember.

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