VR is revolutionizing the gaming industry, and attracts customers of all ages. Our machines are backed by the power of full automation, meaning they require zero staff attendance, so you can kick back, relax and collect your revenue without the hassle of hiring employees. Ongoing expenses to maintain your VR machine(s) are very low, so your profit margins stay high. VR is not just for arcades and entertainment centers, though– our machines can easily supercharge revenue for any existing business, generate buzz and attract new customers. Movie theaters, restaurants, gyms, children’s stores– the possibilities are endless!

The typical investment range for most customers (depending on their needs and plans) is $30,000-$250,000. 

China is a hotbed for manufacturing cheap VR machines, but they come with a ton of issues. The design quality of the machines is substantially poorer, resulting in malfunctions, technical errors and quicker deterioration. Technical support is often only available in Chinese, and does not offer round-the-clock service to quickly resolve customer concerns. Shipping, handling and dealing with international customs is always a headache, and machines take forever to get to their destination port. Plus, the companies selling these machines almost always run into copyright infringement lawsuits, as they don’t typically design their own original games– they’ll simply recycle gaming experiences made by other companies! 

We make our own! Our expert software designers create visually stunning, original and copyrighted games exclusively for our machines.

Customers can expect a shipping time of up to a week if we have the requested machine in stock at one of our U.S.-based warehouses. If we don’t have it in stock, customers can expect a wait time of about 60 days from the time of their order. 

Yes! Every year, we will have new games for sale at minimal cost. 

Our team would be happy to work with you on building a customized game at an affordable price! We can also add a pre-existing game to one of our machines, if you have one. 

The best time is early in the development stage– this is when most mistakes are made and can be recovered from. Success factors include site selection, mix of attractions, layout design, and realistic development budgets. Our extensive experience and knowledge can help you make the best decisions to ensure your success.

VR360Action! offers and specializes in turnkey installation services that include development and design, game selection & placement, location search, graphics design, recommended ticket payout, and VR/AR center design including ride placement, merchandising, financing, and training.

VR360Action! offers all of its products internationally!

VR360Action! can provide full CIF shipments to the destination port or even door-to-door delivery service.

VR360Action! can provide installation supervision and training all over the world. 

VR360Action! provides a 1-year warranty on all new machines.

Yes, the games we sell in the United States use a standard 110V three-prong outlet that you just plug in and play like any other electrically powered item.

Yes, we can connect card readers, bill acceptors and credit card readers. Just let your sales person know if you would like any of these systems installed prior to delivery. For game card readers, we integrate with all major game card systems.

All available game dimensions and weights can be found on the VR360Action! website on the individual product detail pages.

We have a technical support team that’s available 24/7 to assist with any of your concerns. Support is available in several languages, as well.

Yes, we do. Just starting out or looking to expand your current game room or family entertainment center? VR360Action!’s financial services can assist in helping you reach your goals. Call us today to discuss our financing options! Please fill out our online form or download our Credit Application Form from our website, and email it to info@vr360action.com. All financing applications are approved or declined within 48 hours, and customers have up to 60 months to finance their new machine(s).

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