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Shooting Simulator & Machine Gun Games

vr shooting games

Virtual reality shooting games are one of the most entertaining ways to spend time in the virtual world. Bring your marksman skills to the next level. Our shooting simulator offers a fantastic shooting experience whether you are battling aliens, robots, or battleships, traveling through time and spaces, changing landscapes and scenery and making you feel like a warrior.

 This interactive VR shooting simulator will test your speed and accuracy to the max.  As compared to other FPS diversions, it offers a more immersive encounter by setting players in a first-person viewpoint and making it look like an actual real-life like experience rather than a game.

A great attraction for any business, VR park, or arcade zone, the VR Shotgun shooting simulator features a vibrating platform to immerse players in virtual world of machine gun games as well as an exciting selection of pre-programmed games to allow for exciting new shooting situations.

Compete with up to 6 other players

Connect with the VR Tank

Includes 4 pre-programmed new and original games 

Vibrating platform and high immersion effects

All new DEEPOON E3 VR Headset with eye-protective LCD screen

Easy to install and maintain for operators

Customization and branding available on request

One-of-a-kind VR arcade simulator experience for all ages, 8-90

machine gun games
machine gun games
vr shooting games
shooting simulator
virtual reality shooting games


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