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VR Racing Simulator

Racing simulators (or simply ‘driving games’) provide ideal VR experiences. They are an action-packed, favored choice for entry-level, intermediate and experienced racers, alike. Our VR Racing Simulator provides the thrills and speed of high-octane racing that would be difficult to replicate in the real world (unless you’re a professional). Since its launch, this simulator has been regarded as one of the most premium VR racing experiences by the majority of professional racing game fans who have tried it out.

Once you sit down and strap in, you’ll experience a highly accurate simulation of acceleration, tilt and car traction. Players can enjoy a hyper-realistic and exhilarating driving experience, including drift, crash impact, and even the car flying through the air! You’ll feel the weight of the car and the gravity of every movement in this fully-immersive VR experience.

Driving games have a long history of popularity in arcades and entertainment centers. Now, it’s time to reinvent an old classic and give it the futuristic edge it needs to transform it into an award-winning experience. This simulator truly embodies the potential of what VR has to offer; just throw a headset on and dive into the cockpit of one of your favorite race cars!

3 pre-programmed new and original games

Easy to install and maintain for operators

Extremely strong racing movements

Customization and branding available on request

All new DEEPOON E3 VR Headset with eye-protective LCD screen

One-of-a-kind VR arcade simulator experience for all ages, 8-70


Experience All Types Of Extreme Adventures
With These Pre-programmed Games:

Space Apex | Underground Speed | Down Over Barcelona

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