VR Motorcycle Simulator

motorcycle simulator game

We can never say no to VR Motorcycle as an Extreme Racing Sport. Taking motorbiking to a whole new level, enjoy the thrill of racing through exciting environments with the VR Motorcycle. The VR high-tech equipment in the motorbike simulator allows gamers to have a realistic motorcycle driving experience.

 You merely need to hold down a button to begin playing the game. When the game begins, you will experience the speed of the motorcycle, as well as the intense vibrations of the motor simulator. Vr motorcycle’s multiplayer mode is also a competitive mode. With a streamlined body design that allows players to lean in and out of tricky curved tracks, players can experience the sensation of drifting in this truly immersive VR experience.

A universal attraction for any business, VR park, or arcade zone, the VR Motorcycle includes special effects like blowing air and spraying water to simulate the in-game environment. Supporting 4 online players, go head to head with your friends as you race to the finish.

Compete with up to four other players

Real air and water add a realistic feel to the environment

All new DEEPOON E3 VR Headset with eye-protective LCD screen

Easy to install and maintain for operators

Customization and branding available on request

3pre-programmed new and original games racing games

One-of-a-kind VR arcade simulator experience for ages 7-90

motorcycle simulator
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realistic motorcycle simulator

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