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Ti Ta Moving

Ti Ta Moving is an interactive floor-projection game designed to test your abilities and encourage participation from the whole family.  Nothing brings out kids’ laughter and competitive spirit quite like Ti Ta Moving games. Simple rule sets make learning how to play fast and easy– anyone can join in. The core game blends rhythm with physical dexterity and accuracy to produce a unique gaming experience that is both entertaining and challenging for players of all ages and ability levels. 

As soon as a player enters the projection range, the game begins– its system reacts to their movements immediately. Virtual balls will appear that must be kicked back to the opponent’s territory as quickly as possible! Multiplayer and single player options are available. With a multitude of animations embedded in the game, this simulator has something to offer every child and family.

Research has shown that placing interactive projection surfaces in a variety of locations garners curiosity and interest. We anticipate many use-cases for interactive floor projection games, and predict they may be integrated for both education and leisure in schools, play areas, daycare centers and more.

Single player or 2 competing players

Easy to install and maintain for operators

Strong colored lighting effect

Special design attracts customers

Strong sound and music.

One of a kind Attraction for ages 5-20