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Another floor projection game which is designed to bring the excitement to anyone who interacts. Put your abilities to the test while having a good time with Ti Ta Moving.

Nothing brings out competitive spirit and laughter from kids quite like Ti Ta Moving games. Simple rule sets make learning how to play fast and easy. The core game blends rhythm with physical dexterity and accuracy to produce a unique gaming experience that is both entertaining and difficult for players of all ages and ability levels. 

As soon as a kid enters projection range, the system reacts immediately and the game starts. Virtual bullets will appear, that must be sent to the opponent’s territoty as quick as possible. As much as it’s a multiplayer game, there is also an option to play against the system.   With so many animations embedded in the game, we can boldly say that we have a game for every child. The game is perfect for families and children of all ages.

Demand in the market is growing. The placement of interactive surfaces in numerous locations has sparked interest in them. It’s safe to say that soon interactive floor projection will be quite an essential part of places like schools, play areas, daycare centers and more.

Single player or 2 competing players

Strong colored lighting effect

Strong sound and music.

Special design attracts customers

One of a kind Attraction for ages 5-20

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Virtual reality games for children
Virtual Reality Games for Children


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