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Magic Pen

In recent years, sketching, drawing and art-based games have gained popularity in the realm of gaming. Our innovative Magic Pen AR (augmented reality) game fosters children’s creativity and imagination by allowing them to launch their unique designs right into the game.

We design our gaming hardware to be user-friendly, sleek and eye-catching; children’s curiosity will be instantly piqued just passing by! Explore an underwater world in this interactive game and solve exciting puzzles that make education entertaining for young children of all ages. With our Magic Pen game, kids will have the option to choose and customize hundreds of different fish and sea animals, color them, write personal messages on them, and shoot them off onto the big screen to interact with their friends! We take pride in providing our youngest gamers with opportunities to expand their creativity, use their imaginations and make memories with friends and family.

With potential for parent-child interaction, this AR game is perfect for stimulating creative potential, and our user-friendly LCD screen monitor tablets are designed not to put strain on the eyes. Kids will love this machine for years to come.

More than 15 animated sea animals and fish

Easy to install and maintain for operators

4 players, with a professional drawing tablet for each

Customization and branding available on request

One of a kind attraction for ages 3-15

A special joystick for controlling your animation on the screen