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Lacky Digger

Kids have always been dazzled by the sheer operating power of trucks, trains and heavy-duty automobiles. Now, they can get the chance to experience what it’s like to operate heavy machinery with this tactile, innovative game

 A perfect blend of futuristic technology and classic arcade-style gaming, our Excavator game can seat up to 4 players. Players will operate a miniature excavator as they race around the range to scoop up and deposit as many balls as possible.

Our Excavator is an ideal hybrid game for those interested in AR gaming, classic arcade games or both. The excavator functions exactly like a real one with a rotating, hydraulic excavator arm. Kids will be enchanted as their motor skills and precision are tested to see who can collect the most balls before the clock runs out!

Compete with up to four
players at once

Easy to install and maintain for operators

One-of-a-kind arcade simulator
experience for ages 2-15

Special design attracts


Experience All Types Of Extreme Adventures

Some of the games that are available on this simulator