Happy Croquet Children Attraction

wall projection

An innovative ball-throwing game, Happy Croquet combines the traditional ball play with an interactive projection. This dynamic, 3D wall gives kids the ultimate visual experience! It allows for real-time interaction between human and dynamic pictures on the wall. 

When children hit the game parts on the wall with their hands or pool balls, a variety of thrilling effects appear and scores are rewarded. Just pick up the ocean ball, toss it at the interactive screen, and be delighted with special effects! There will be monsters, fish, balloons and more!

With educational games that children can experience with family and friends, this AR game helps kids develop various physical skills while also inspiring fun and excitement. 

A great upgrade to traditional ball pits, Happy Croquet can include up to 10 children, with options for dual screens and a larger custom facility. It’s the perfect addition for festivals, VR theme parks, shopping malls, and children’s playgrounds. The Happy Croquet idea is especially well-suited for use as an attraction in a shopping mall’s main hall. It’s simple to assemble and disassemble, as well as transport from one location to another.

20 pre-programmed new and original games

Contains up to 10 children at once

Easy assembly parts with detailed instructional video

A net wraps around the entire facility to prevent bullets from escaping

Comes with 1000 bullets

interactive wall projection system
interactive wall screen
projection play


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