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Imagine your floor coming to life and transforming into a virtual playground complete with games, activities, and more. An innovative and extremely interactive game, Ground Interactive Projection combines the traditional children games with a visual projection by connecting images on the ground and switching between multiple interfaces. 

When children reach the projection range, they can engage directly with the virtual scene on the floor; the interaction effects alter in response to body motions, allowing children to enter a form of virtual fusion, which is also a truly magical world. Open floor areas may be transformed into an ongoing experience of movement, action, fun, and excitement with interactive floor displays that halt visitors in their tracks as they play, walk by, or interact with your marketing content. 

With educational games that children can experience with family and friends, this AR game helps kids develop various physical skills while also inspiring fun and excitement. It is recognized as a highly successful marketing and brand-enhancing tool that captivates and engages target audiences in retail locations, trade exhibits, museums, lobbies, open spaces, playgrounds, and visitor centers. Interactive floor software solutions effectively and distinctively transmit your message to any audience at all time. Any customer and area can have their projection size, visuals, and themes tailored.

50 pre-programmed new and original games

Up to 4 players at once

Music and sound system

One of a kind attraction for ages 2-15

floor projection games


interactive floor projection games

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