Baby Shark

VR Simulator for Children

Another great option for your kids to choose is our Baby Shark VR Simulator! Despite the growing popularity of VR machines industry, there are still not enough choices for the kids to enjoy it as much as grown ups! For that reason VR 360 action works hard to produce variety of Children’s games with remarkable, entertaining, and fascinating content, which are among the best VR simulators of the market. 

Inspired by the popular Baby Shark song video, so loved by children all over the world, we created a safe virtual reality simulator that allows young gamers to discover the magic of VR world for the first time. Kids will have the chance to engage with their favorite baby sharks, a variety of fish, and other sea creatures through an immersive game and wide display monitor.

To diversify children’s experience we offer three pre-programmed games, that will definitely have their attention and make the machine their favorite:

Baby shark video where they get to dance with colorful and familiar characters to the popular song

Shark ride – exciting, colorful  underwater adventurous ride with sharks, exploring sea world around you and meeting other inhabitants

Fishing game – The classic fishing game, that is even more fun! Baby Shark has to collect as much dirt in the sea as possible using a special net to win the game

Children will be engaged in the pleasure of exploring interactive, virtual worlds  without any of the risk, making it ideal for any business, VR park, or arcade zone.

Experience All Types Of Extreme Adventures With These Pre-programmed Games:

Sea Dance | Sea Treasures | Sea Rescue


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