Family Entertainment Center Ideas

Providing activities for various age groups or families as a whole is what a family entertainment center (FEC) does, including games, attractions, and other experiences. 

Instead of only providing one kind of experience, FECs have grown over time to offer a variety of attractions in their spaces. These are some requirements for establishments to be regarded as an FEC, according to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA):

You should have a solid understanding of the type of business you want to run before opening a family entertainment center or family fun center. Making this choice demonstrates that you have carefully considered the local market’s population, competition, real estate, commute times, demography, and other variables.

Must be set inside a building that is commercial, touristic, or entertaining 

usually do not impose an entry fee or entrance fee, and they might or might not be gated properties. 

The majority of games and attractions are pay-as-you-go. 

Usually indoors but may sometimes combine indoor and outdoor spaces 

offers a variety of food concessions or services in addition to at least three of the participation activities listed under “Types of Family Entertainment Centers.” 

targets a particular age group or market (for example, a children’s entertainment center or an entertainment center for adults only).

You probably now know whether you are leaning towards an indoor family entertainment center, an outdoor family entertainment center, or a combination of both, depending on the information you have obtained in your first studies of the elements surrounding your business venture. What type of entertainment space is suitable and practical for you, then?

VR Games and Arcades

Arcades and Vr games are the most popular attractions at FECs, according to the IAAPA’s 2020 Benchmark Series Survey on FECs. The same survey also discovered that arcade games are among the top revenue generators, appealing to a variety of age groups, making a virtual reality game arcade business an obvious choice. However, you may always think about include arcade games in your floor plan if you decide to operate a different kind of FEC. Self-service kiosks can be used as your staff if you want to reduce costs.

A whole family may have fun and joy at family entertainment facilities for a very reasonable price. However, some center owners find that over time, the conventional family-friendly activities lose their appeal. You may not only bring excitement back to family fun but also boost the profitability of your company by being inventive and implementing virtual reality into the design of your family entertainment center. We’ve put up a brief tutorial on how using VR machines, indoor family entertainment centers can advance.

Laser-tag area

Investment in the design, aesthetics, and gameplay is essential to your success in such an FEC because of how immersive the experience is. Building a successful laser tag arena necessitates a skilled synchronization of lights, sound, speech, and other elements to foster a competitive and enjoyable setting for customers. To make the magic happen, you can seek the assistance of a design consultant.

A rock wall

A rock wall is a necessity for a family recreation area! This thrilling challenge will put your physical stamina to the test while you push your personal boundaries in order to succeed. like a challenge? To determine who is the true champion, challenge your family and friends. With thrilling family entertainment center ideas like this, scale new heights and make the ascent. Your climbing wall may get more visitors and require less staff if you install auto belays.

Trampoline park

A trampoline park is another family-friendly FEC that encourages enjoyable and healthy activities for both children and adults. Contrary to arcades and other less complex FECs, trampoline parks need pay close attention to optimum visitor safety. As a result, one of the most crucial expenses for starting this kind of business is insurance in case something goes wrong.

High-speed Go Karts

A traditional family entertainment center activity is go-kart racing. They promote healthy rivalry among family members and provide the adrenaline of high-speed fun by making them faster. Simple go-karts suddenly transform into a unique experience and supply the thrill that keeps families coming back for more. Watch as families compete for lifetime bragging rights as they race around the track at extremely high speeds.

Building a strong FEC business plan will help your business concept become a great one, regardless of the type of FEC you decide to pursue.

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