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Interactive Sandbox

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A portable, compact augmented reality game, Sand Table lets children create fun and exciting landscapes with their own hands. This revolutionary tool turns a standard sand table into a hands-on learning adventure, engaging your child’s cognitive, social, and sensory development.

With special designs, tools, and puzzle projects, children from 3 to 8 years old can build fantasy sand scenes with family and friends. AR Sand Table uses Augmented Reality technology to project realistic colors and lifelike images onto the sand, creating a captivating sensory experience. A computer projector and a motion-sensing input device (such as a X Box Kinect 2.0) are set above a box of sand in the AR Sandbox. The camera detects changes in the sand and alters the projected colors and contour lines accordingly when users move the sand. 

As they create new worlds and explore interactive ecosystems, children will learn about geography, topography, seasons, animal habitats, and more.

An appealing game, the Sand table is suitable not only for any business centers, VR theme parks, shopping malls, and children’s playgrounds, it’s also a perfect addition for elementary schools and science museums. Inspire kids’ creativity, improve their team spirit, and add a bit of entertainment to their education with this AR game.

7 pre-programmed new and original games

Contains up to 4 children at once

Comes with 150 kg white sand

Comes with various sand toys, and animals

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augmented sandbox for sale
interactive sandbox


augmented sandbox for sale

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