Real Race Attraction

virtual reality and arcade machines for sale

A new, meliorated version of remote car racing.

Experience the most interactive racing game you’ve ever played with our AR Racing Car, the first attraction of its kind in the world. Imagine the possibility of driving a car on the track sitting in a chair few feet away. To keep the cars on track on the slot car race circuit, you’ll need some skills. Just like a real car going around a corner, you must slow down the car’s pace. 

When you learn the ability to maintain the automobile on track, your opponent will never be able to catch up. It’s simpler to stay on track with the reinforced magnatraction and durable vehicles, and it’s suitable for kids. 

Control your race car from your driving seat, make it go faster, reverse or drift around the corners of the track. We also chose to offer multiplayer interaction between a driver and additional players who can affect the game environment when building our game. 

Compete with other players and enjoy the thrill of racing on the miniature theme track. Watch your car cross the finish line right in front of your eyes and see yourself become the champion on the real-time large screen display of racing car ranking.

A great opportunity to increase revenue as the race attracts bypassers to watch and then stay and play. High addictive game for users of various ages. 

Up to 4 players competing in the race track

LEDs lights and different colors for each seat

Motion sensors and LED screen to show race progress and positions

Decorative trees, buildings, houses and animals for the route

2 sets of 4 race cars with rechargeable batteries

One of a kind Attraction for ages 7-90

virtual reality and arcade machines for sale
virtual reality and arcade machines for sale
virtual reality and arcade machines for sale
virtual reality and arcade machines for sale


virtual reality and arcade machines for sale

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