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Aircraft Simulator

Experience the most lifelike VR flight simulator games you’ve ever played! With our stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, our Aircraft Simulator takes virtual gaming to new heights. It’ll replicate the thrill and exhilaration of real flying, all while you’re safely on the ground. 

Imagine– you’re a pilot manning the aircraft of your dreams. Strap on your VR headset and feel like you’re on an plane or battleship maneuvering through space or joining in on a dangerous air battle!

Our VR flight simulator with 3 pre-programmed games allows you to experience the full spectrum of exhilaration and adrenaline. You can find yourself in military zones strategically placing bombs, facing ancient dragons to discover their secrets and harness their power, or battling against armed space invaders. Manuever your aircraft swiftly and defeat your enemies!

3 pre-programmed new and original fly games

Easy to install and maintain for operators

Strong motion and wind effect for flight simulation

Customization and branding available on request

All new DEEPOON E3 VR Headset with eye-protective LCD screen

Joystick for shooting games


Experience All Types Of Extreme Adventures
With These Pre-programmed Games:

Dragon Born | Mission Sabotage | Space Invasion

An aircraft simulator is a device designed to replicate the cockpit environment and flight conditions of an aircraft. The primary purpose of an aircraft simulator is to provide training for pilots and flight crew members to prepare them for real-world situations they may encounter while flying. It also provides a safe environment for testing and evaluating various aircraft systems and procedures, as well as performing research and development work.

Aircraft simulators can range from basic, low-fidelity devices used for basic flight training to high-fidelity, full-motion simulators that offer a highly realistic flight experience. The basic types of aircraft simulators include flight training devices (FTD), basic aviation training devices (BATD), and full flight simulators (FFS).

FTDs are low-fidelity devices that provide basic training for primary flight functions, such as takeoff and landing, instrument flying, and emergency procedures. BATDs are more advanced than FTDs and provide more realistic flight conditions, such as atmospheric turbulence and weather effects. FFSs are the most advanced type of aircraft simulator, providing the most realistic flight experience possible. They are typically used by commercial airlines and military organizations for advanced training and evaluation of flight procedures.

Aircraft simulators have come a long way in recent years, with improvements in technology allowing for more realistic and immersive experiences. They now feature high-resolution displays, accurate motion systems, and detailed cockpit replicas, providing pilots and crew with a truly realistic flight experience.

In conclusion, aircraft simulators play a crucial role in aviation by providing training, evaluation, and research opportunities for pilots and flight crew. Whether you are a beginner learning to fly or an experienced pilot, the use of aircraft simulators can significantly improve your skills and knowledge, making you better prepared for real-world situations


The VR Aircraft Simulator from VR360action is designed to offer a superior training experience to pilots and aspiring pilots. It provides an immersive, realistic and interactive environment for pilots to practice and hone their flying skills.

One of the key advantages of the VR Aircraft Simulator is its high-fidelity simulation capabilities. The VR environment accurately replicates the movements and sensations of flying, providing pilots with a true-to-life experience. This helps in reducing the learning curve and increasing the confidence levels of pilots.

Another advantage of the VR Aircraft Simulator is its versatility. It can simulate a wide range of aircraft types, from small single-engine planes to large commercial airliners. This allows pilots to practice and master flying different types of aircraft, without the need for multiple physical simulators.

Additionally, the VR Aircraft Simulator is equipped with cutting-edge technology and features, such as advanced weather simulations and real-time system failures. These features enhance the training experience and provide pilots with a comprehensive training program.

Furthermore, the VR Aircraft Simulator is designed to be user-friendly and accessible. It is easy to set up and use, and can be operated by anyone, regardless of their technical expertise.

In conclusion, the VR Aircraft Simulator from VR360action is a superior training tool that provides pilots with a realistic, interactive, and comprehensive training experience. Its high-fidelity simulation capabilities, versatility, and user-friendly design set it apart from other aircraft simulators available in the market.


VR360action offers high-quality virtual reality aircraft simulators that are designed to provide a realistic and immersive experience for users. Our VR aircraft simulators are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including advanced graphics, realistic motion, and sound effects. This combination of cutting-edge technology and expert design makes our VR aircraft simulators better than others on the market.

One of the key advantages of our VR aircraft simulators is their ability to provide a truly immersive experience. By using a combination of VR technology and precise motion simulation, our simulators create an environment that is designed to mimic the experience of flying an aircraft. This allows users to experience the thrill of flying and get a sense of what it’s really like to be in the cockpit of an aircraft.

Another advantage of our VR aircraft simulators is the level of customization that they offer. Our simulators can be customized to suit the needs of each individual user, whether they’re looking for a more realistic experience or a more casual, arcade-style experience. This allows users to get the most out of their VR aircraft simulator and tailor their experience to their specific needs and preferences.

Finally, VR360action is dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service and support. Our team of experts is always available to answer questions and provide assistance with any issues that may arise. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or a beginner, our team is here to ensure that you have the best possible experience with your VR aircraft simulator.

In conclusion, choosing VR360action for your aircraft simulator means choosing a company that is dedicated to providing the best possible VR technology, customization options, and customer service. Whether you’re looking to experience the thrill of flying, hone your skills as a pilot, or just have some fun, VR360action has the VR aircraft simulator that you’re looking for.


VR 360 Action offers a wide range of virtual reality aircraft simulators that are designed to provide an immersive and realistic flying experience. Our VR aircraft simulators are designed with advanced technology to give the users the feeling of flying an aircraft. The simulator range offers different types of aircraft, from single-engine light aircraft to large commercial airliners, giving users a comprehensive range of aircraft to choose from.

Our VR aircraft simulators come with advanced features such as realistic flight dynamics, high-resolution graphics, and realistic sound effects. Users can choose from different weather conditions, including thunderstorms, clear skies, and turbulence. This variety of options gives users the flexibility to customize their flight experience according to their needs.

In addition, VR 360 Action offers both fixed-base and motion-based VR aircraft simulators. The motion-based simulators are equipped with hydraulic actuators that provide motion cues, giving users a more realistic flying experience. On the other hand, fixed-base simulators provide a cost-effective solution for those who want to experience flying an aircraft without the added cost of a motion-based system.

Whether you are an aviation enthusiast, a student pilot, or a seasoned pilot, VR 360 Action’s wide range of VR aircraft simulators offers a unique and thrilling experience. Our simulators provide a safe and cost-effective way to learn and practice flying techniques, as well as provide an exciting and fun activity for people of all ages.


  1. What makes VR360action’s VR Aircraft Simulator different from other simulators?

VR360action’s VR Aircraft Simulator is designed with cutting-edge technology, providing an immersive and interactive experience for users. The high-quality graphics and realistic flight simulations set it apart from other simulators.

  1. What kind of aircrafts can I fly in the VR Aircraft Simulator?

Users can experience flying a variety of aircrafts, including commercial airliners, military fighter jets, and more. VR360action offers a diverse range of aircrafts to choose from to meet the needs of different users.

  1. Is VR360action’s VR Aircraft Simulator suitable for both experienced pilots and beginners?

Yes, VR360action’s VR Aircraft Simulator caters to both experienced pilots and beginners. The simulator is designed to provide a challenging experience for experienced pilots while offering an intuitive interface for beginners to easily learn and operate the simulator.

  1. Can I use VR360action’s VR Aircraft Simulator for professional training purposes?

Yes, VR360action’s VR Aircraft Simulator is used by many aviation training institutions for professional pilot training. The simulator provides a realistic and safe environment for pilots to train and improve their skills.

  1. Does VR360action’s VR Aircraft Simulator require any specific hardware or software to run?

No, VR360action’s VR Aircraft Simulator can be run on a standard PC with a VR headset. The VR headset provides an immersive and interactive experience for users, but the simulator can also be used without a VR headset.


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  1. “The VR Aircraft Simulator at VR360action is hands down the best experience I’ve had. The graphics are amazing and the controls are so realistic.”
  2. “As a pilot, I was blown away by the accuracy and attention to detail in the VR Aircraft Simulator. It’s a must-try for any aviation enthusiast.”
  3. “I had never flown a plane before, but with VR360action’s VR Aircraft Simulator, I felt like a pro. It was so much fun and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.”
  4. “I was hesitant at first, but the VR Aircraft Simulator exceeded all my expectations. The instructors were great and the simulation was incredibly immersive.”
  5. “My son and I had a blast trying out the VR Aircraft Simulator. The smooth controls and lifelike graphics made it a truly unforgettable experience.”