Virtual reality tournaments

The growth in popularity for virtual gaming has increased so remarkably, that vr tournaments are becoming one of the most common ways vr arcades and other entertainment centers are utilizing their virtual reality gaming units. Often, entertainment centers have one-time tournaments based on the theme and popularity of a specific game, but entertainment centers do also participate in having recurring vr tournaments. At these tournaments participants have options to play in teams or as an individual player against other individuals, depending on the game type (of course).

The concept of gamig tournaments

The concept of gaming tournaments originate from Esports, where individuals have the opportunity to watch their favorite video gamers compete in their favorite games online via live stream. Individuals have the option to sign-up and participate in gaming competitions with other professionals and/or beginners, from their personal computer or console. Virtual reality tournaments are quite similar to Esports, vr tournaments set themselves apart from Esports in the physical aspects of participating in the gaming tournament. Both Esports and vr tournament games require a player to use their tactical skills while participating in game competition. However, in addition to vr gaming requiring players to utilize their tactical skills, players are required to use their physical skills as well as participate in the game using proper vr equipment.

Virtual reality equipment

Virtual reality equipment and controls are designed to take over a player’s natural physical senses, such as sight, sound and feeling in the real world in order to focus them into the virtual world inside the game simulation. Game developers make it a mission to design these games to be so real that a player can not tell the difference between the game simulation and real life, making competition more thrilling and physically competitive.

In this day and age technology rules the world, with PC’s, consoles, cellphones, and the luxuries of live-streaming. Technology is at the center of everything we do as individuals today, from live broadcast news, television programming, social media advertising and e-sporting. Thousands of people every day depend on or engage in the use of some sort of technological device to keep themselves or family members entertained and engaged all around.

Virtual Athletics League

V. A. L, the Virtual Athletics League emerged out of this new age of esports and virtual technology in today’s world, creating a platform where gamer fans and players can come together and share information. V.A.L is one of the largest independent virtual reality sporting leagues in the world. Their mission is to…

  • work with game developers

  • give fans the ability to spectate

  • “not just play hero but be the hero”

They help individuals such as players find games & tournaments to participate in, whether you want to create your own team or join another. They keep fans connected, allowing them to check in and watch their favorite players or favorite game tournament. Virtual Athletics League informs fans of the options to live-streaming competitions and watch from the comfort of their home, or they specify the location of upcoming tournaments at Arcades all around the world. Not only do gamer fans have access to this information but, competitors are also given access to a global directory that indicates when & where upcoming tournament events are happening.

February 2021 through March 2021 the Virtual Athletics League will be hosting their Virtual Reality Winter Games, featuring twenty- six different varieties of VR games and activities. Such as, sporting events like Eleven Table Tennis that shines light on sport competition, fitness challenging games like power beats vr and virtual reality game RealFit that will be hosting squat challenges throughout the entire month giving out prizes to champions in each individual event. The 2021 Winter Games will also have a variety of action games for competitors to register and compete. One of many action VR games that will be featured during the tournament will be Arizona Sunshine, a full-featured game that puts players in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. If you desire to take part in any tournaments, whether it’s the VR 2021 Winter Games or another tournament hosted by a different league or arcade, first choose and find the game you desire to compete in. Determine whether you want to compete as a solo player or as a team, then register yourself or your team to compete in the tournament. Wait to be approved and accepted into the gaming tournament, meet with the following opponents and have a blast!

VR tournaments and e-sporting

VR tournaments and e-sporting are large platforms, growing at miraculous speeds each day and every year. These platforms are for individuals who love competing in their favorite games online with others from all around the world via the internet. A professional video game player and the typical average day-to-day person who just enjoys playing video games have the opportunity to play the same games at the same time. Individuals who aren’t the player type still have the opportunity to participate and experience professional video game players competing in tournaments, playing their favorite games to watch on live-stream.

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